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Scuba Diving Malaysia-Pulau Tioman

Tioman Island (peninsular Malaysia) considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world; Tioman Island is the largest and most developed of the volcanic islands that make up the Pahang Marine Parks. The other islands are Pulau Renggis (Renggis Island), Pulau Sepoi (Sepoi Island), Pulau Labas (Labas Island), Pulau Soyah (Soyak Island), Pulau Chebeh (Chebeh Island), Pulau Tulai (Tulai Island), Pulau Sembilang (Sembilang Island) and Pulau Seri Buat (Seri Buat Island).

In 1958, Pulau Tioman was chosen to be James Michener's fictitious Bali Hai for the filming of the Hollywood classic, South Pacific. Since then, Tioman Island became a popular tourist attraction especially among underwater explorers.

There are over 20 dive sites around Pulau Tioman:- Kador Bay, One Tree Bay, Batu Malang, Chebeh island, Labas Island, Magician Rock, Tiger Reef, Golden Reef, Soyah island, Renggis island, Marine Park, Tokong Bahara and Tokong Burong.

Favorite Dives: Northern Pulau Chebeh. Large boulders slope down to about 25 meters providing divers with interesting exploration through the many swim-through tunnels. The hard coral terrain is interrupted by numerous soft corals, sea fans and black corals at the deeper end. Blue spotted stingray can be seen at the sandy bottom while moray eels, parrotfish, butterflyfish and sweetlips stay close to the corals

Tiger Rock. Regarded as one of the top dive sites in Tioman, this submerged reef is worth the dive despite the stronger currents. The reef is located in the open sea and is accessible only by dive boat. Hard and soft corals make up the seascape. Schools of glass sweepers and cardinal fish seek refuge in crevices while rainbow runners, barracudas, jacks and bumphead parrotfish swim in the blue water.

Seafan Garden. Excellent site to see sea fan. In between the crevices and the seafan are glass sweepers darting about. Also a great site to observe colorful nudibranchs on the walls of the coral block.

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