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Scuba Diving Malaysia-Pulau Perhentian

The Perhentian islands, comprises of Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil lies 20km from the coast of Kuala Besut.

On the edge of the Pulau Redang's Marine Park, Perhentian's coral fringed waters provide excellent underwater scenery. For divers, the group of small rocky islets to the northwest of Pulau Perhentian Kecil is a location not to be missed. Common to the area are harp and black corals, while large hard corals are also present. The waters at Perhentian are crystal clear and within the turquoise waters of the islands dwell an amazing variety of marine life. Don't be surprise if you see dolphins and pilot whales in July and August, which is during the peak of the dry season. There are abundant of corals in Perhentian, especially the colorful soft corals and gorgonian sea fans.

Favorite Dives: Tokong Laut is a rocky outcrop islet situated on the northwest of P. Perhentian Kecil and is accessible by a 30 minute speedboat ride. The boulder-like terrain gradually sloped down to about 30 metres. Soft corals in all colors and sizes carpet the seascape offering refuge for numerous small reef fish and mollusks. Jacks, barracudas, kingfish, black tip sharks and nurse sharks are usually sighted.

North of Pulau Susu. Diving is interesting with good water clarity and abundant reef fish. Expect to see damselfishes, wrasses, triggerfishes and a moray eel peeping out of its lair. 

Terumbu Tiga. Rated to be one of the top dive sites around Perhentian together with Tokong Laut. Slopes down to about 20 meters at the sandy bottom and visibility fluctuate between 5 to 15 meters. The granite boulders support various corals, sea fans and coral whips. Schools of fusiliers, rainbow runners, jacks and batfishes swim about searching for a feed. Black tip sharks can occasionally be observed at the outer reaches of the reef.

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