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Scuba Diving Malaysia-Pulau Jarak

Pulau Jarak is located 32 km southwest of Pulau Pangkor off the town of Lumut in Perak. This tiny island rises 50m above sea level and is covered with lush green vegetation and on top of it is a lighthouse. There are no accommodations on the island and as such is lesser known to many but has been a favorite destination to local anglers due to obvious reasons. It is rich with marine life and famous for its pelagic fishers such as barracuda, jacks and king sailfish. In fact it is a common sight to see the king sailfish doing their acrobatic dance on the surface on most evenings.

Usually when the diving season in East Coast islands wind down from November to March local divers will head for Pulau Jarak. Due to its location right in the middle of the Straits of Melaka it has one of the best water visibilities among the islands on the West Coast. Pulau Jarak in Malay literally means distant island " and come monsoon season the lure of this island beckons divers who arrive on their live-aboard dive boats.

Hard corals dominate the seascape with several large boulders carpeted with sponges. Parrotfish, humphead wrasse, king size lion fish, turtles and giant moral eel are among the many fishers that can be seen here

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